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Hp laserjet 6p инструкция

У нас вы можете скачать книгу hp laserjet 6p инструкция в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

Table of contents Edition Inside This Manual Table Of Contents The Benefits Of Pjl Who Should Use Pjl? Compatibility With Non-pjl Printers Format Of Pjl Commands Pjl Syntax Rules Types Of Variables Processing Invalid Commands Pjl Job Requirements Some Sample Pjl Jobs Command Groupings By Functionality Universal Exit Language uel Command Methods Of Printer Language Switching Job Separation Commands Pjl Job Security Control Panel Lock Start Of Job Notification End Of Job Notification Job Cancellation Unsolicited Status Changing Environment Settings Pjl Reset Conditions Pjl Environment Variables General Pjl Environment Variables Port-specific Variables laserjet 4pj Only Status Readback Commands Printer Status Requirements Synchronizing Status Readback Responses Format Of Status Readback Responses After Job Failure Device Attendance Commands File System Example Print Data Generators Requesting Printer Status Pjl Feature Support Pjl Environment Variable Support Hp Laserjet Iiisi Comments Comments About Hp Laserjet Printers Color Laserjet Printer Comments And c Printer Family Comments Hp Laserjet 5si Mopier Comments Hp Laserjet Series Comments Status Code Groupings Tray 2 Paper Feed Area.

Removing Torn Pieces of Paper. A Printer Specifications Environmental Specifications. A-3 Laser Safety Statement. This Chapter will help you set up and install the new printer. After unpacking the printer, complete the steps in the checklist in order.

Each step is detailed with easy-to-follow directions. Unpack the printer and accessories. Prepare a Location for the Printer Place your printer on a sturdy, level surface in a well ventilated room. The environment should be stable, with no abrupt changes in temperature or humidity and no exposure to direct sunlight or chemicals. See the figure below for the suggested amount of space to leave around the printer. Figure Printer space requirements Make sure there is adequate space for: Printer Setup 1 Step 3.

Remove the Internal Packaging Note Save all packing material. You may need to repack the printer at a later date. If it is difficult to remove, try rotating the retainer while pulling backwards. Slide Tray 2 back into the printer. Install the Toner Cartridge 1 Open the top cover by pressing the top cover release button. Caution To prevent damage, do not expose the toner cartridge to light for more than a few minutes.

Avoid tipping the cartridge on end. Printer Setup 1 Step 5. Load Paper into Tray 2 1 Slide Tray 2 paper cassette out of the printer. If needed, press on the clip lever A to raise the front left metal holder B so the paper will fit underneath. See page for instructions on how to print with the infrared port.

Printer Setup 1 Choosing a Printer Connection The following descriptions will help you choose the correct connection to use between the computer and printer.