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Инструкция korg pa 300

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Что такое режим программ Program? Что такое режим воспроизведения песни Song Play? Что такое режим редактирования песни Song Edit? О страницах дисплея Регистрация страницы дисплея Отображение номера страницы О суб-страницах Установка величины параметра Типы и форматы флоппи-дисков Обращение с флоппи-дисками Защита от записи флоппи-диска Запись своего собственного исполнения Запись фоновой секвенции Подготовка к записи Запись последовательности аккордов Запись мелодии Запись управляющей дорожки Запись вспомогательной дорожки Запись изменений темпа в режиме реального времени Управление темпом от внешних синхроимпульсов Изменение музыкального размера метра Запись со вставкой Если вы хотите сохранить ваше исполнение Добавление подробностей в музыкальные данные Добавление автоматического аккомпанемента во время исполнения Редактирование программы Редактирование исполнения While the Style is not running, touch this button to open the Go to Measure dialog box: Filter Scroll though the various events by using the scrollbar.

Filter Select an event to be edited by touching it in the display. This is usually a note, that you can edit. This page is where you can select the event types to be shown in the Event Edit page. Quantize a Drum or Percussion track. These parameters are available only when a Drum or Per- cussion track is selected. Delete Status of tracks.

Touch this icon to change the status. The track can be heard. Copy from Pad All Style Elements, i. Copy from Pad change the target, that is automatically set to All. Var1…End2 Single Style Element. Here you can copy a Chord Variation from a Pad. Different Expression values can be defined for each Style Ele- In this page you can assign a different Sound to each track of the ment. Keyboard Style Element Track Controls: The Keyboard Range automatically transposes any pattern note that would otherwise play too high or too low in pitch, com- pared to the original acoustic instrument, when transposed by the arranger.

Repitch New notes matching the recognized In this page you can assign a Sound to the Pad track, adjust its chord will be played back, by repitching notes Volume CC 07 and Expression CC 11 values, and set vari- already playing.

Chord Table 1…12 Maximum transposition in semitones of the Track Type track, referred to the original key of the Pad pat- Use this parameter to set the type of the corresponding track. After importing a groove generated by a melody line not by a percussive groove , the imported groove and samples will not be When importing an SMF, parameters like CV Length, Meter, transposed together with the other Style tracks. When programming a Chord Variation on the external Note: At the end of this page you can find a screenshot of a test file cre- Warning: Pa can only handle SMF format 0 Zero.

If you are ated in Steinberg Cubase, just as an example of how a SMF sepa- in trouble importing your file, maybe your sequencer or DAW is rated by Markers can look like.

While the Style Element Track Control edit section is selected, use this command to open the Copy Expression dialog box and copy all Expression values Touch the page menu icon to open the page menu.

Touch a com- assigned to the current Style Element tracks to a different Style mand to select it. Here you can save the recorded or edited item from the page menu. Here you can copy all Expression val- Table item from the page menu. The percentage is always single notes or chords to each track, by playing them on the key- referred to the step value. If the Global channel is assigned, notes can also be received on this channel.

This menu gives access to the various Sound edit sections. Page menu icon Operating mode Edit section It is the same found on the main page of the Sound mode. This bank only parameter. Alternate Modulation Source for the Offset.

See appears in some models. Having two Cycle Trig- This is the trigger that allows the selected Oscillator to play. Normal The Oscillator always plays when a key is pressed Random Damper Trigger enables the Damper pedal effect when the pedal is pressed after the note has been released Note Off. In this case, the Damper effect starts from Here you can set the notes triggered by pressing and releasing the current Release level, and decays slowly.

Here you can izer for the selected oscillator. Drum Kits use only one oscillator. This bank only Level appears in some models. In this page, you This page appears when you edit a Drum Kit. Here you can set can set the semi-parametric three-band equalizer for the various parameters for the different percussive sample assigned selected key, layer and Drum sample.

Pitch Mod The sound will continue playing up to the end of Pitch: Pitch Mod the sample. The Note Off message is ignored. Mixer Here you can make pitch settings for each oscillator. These set- tings specify how keyboard location will affect the pitch of each oscillator, and select the controllers that will affect the oscillator pitch and specify the depth of control. Pitch Mod Lowest Pitch Bend only This parameter selects the source that will modulate the pitch Ribbon to Pitch EG of the selected oscillator.

Negative values invert the LFO variant changes in the pitch of the oscillators. Increasing this value will pro- Here you can make settings for the filters that will be used by the duce a stronger effect.

Filter LFO Selects the source that will control the depth and direction of the effect that the time-varying changes produced by the filter EG will have on the cutoff frequency of filters A and B.

With a setting of 0 there will be no change. Amp EG Amp Modulation Diagram These parameters specify how the volume of the selected oscilla- The diagram on top of the page shows the Amplitude envelope tor will be affected by velocity. A setting of 99 is the fastest. Touch a command effect processor usually Reverb. Sound Edit Write Sound dialog box While this function is on, the Compare indicator blinks on the Copy Oscillator dialog box page header.

Exit from Edit Open this window by selecting the Copy Oscillator item from Choose this command to exit from Sound editing. This message pair is used to select a Sound Bank.

If inter- with the Program Change message, they are used to select a ested, you may find more information on the general use of Sound. It can save a Song in SMF format 0 from is lit up, notes arriving to Pa over this channel will be divided Sequencer mode. Bossa 1 Ritz Swing Orch. Piano 1 in the Sound Select window. Piano 2 used to remotely select the Sounds over the Control channel see Factory: Brass Tenor Sax Expr.

The table also includes Orchestra Kit Legacy: Older sounds might be still assigned to the Pads when loading musical resources generated with an older operating system see the following section. No Effect Select this option when you do not use any effects. Stereo Compressor This parameter controls the attack level. Effects Dynamics Dynamic a: Side PEQ Insert g: Q channels are linked to control the Limiter using the mixed sig- g: Effects Dynamics Dynamic 4: Attack Stereo Mastering Limiter d: Release This is a stereo limiter that is optimized for mastering songs.

Band4 Type Selects a filter type for Band 1 and 4. Emphasis Freq Dry, 1: Enhancer Delay L [msec] Frequency Top This effect simulates the tonal character of a vintage wah pedal. Resonance Bottom You can customize the tone and range settings.

LFO Phase [degree] Stereo Multi Mode Filter Offsetting the left and right phases alters how modulation is applied to the left and right channels, creating a swelling affect. This is a multi-mode filter with four types; low pass, high pass, band pass, and band reject.

Talking Modulator Stereo Sub Oscillator This effect adds an unusual character, like a human voice, to the input signal. Modulating the tone via dynamic modulation, you This effect adds very low frequencies to the input signal. It is can create an interesting effect that sounds as if the guitar or syn- very useful when simulating a roaring drum sound or emphasiz- thesizer is talking.

Voice Center This effect creates a rough sound like a cheap sampler by lower- e: Voice Bottom ing the sampling frequency and data bit length. You can also These parameters assign vowels to the top, center, and bottom simulate noise unique to a sampler aliasing.

It also reproduces some of the modulation caused by a warped turntable. This parameter sets how the wah effect is switched on and off via the modulation source. This effect simulates a two-stage vacuum tube preamp. You can make individual settings for two vacuum tubes connected in series. Tube PreAmp b, f: Although this effect was originally intended for guitar, it was also used by numerous keyboard players.

Used with electric piano, it produces a distinctive tone. This can be This stereo chorus effect adds two different LFOs together. You used to apply a chorus effect to a bass sound without making the can set the Frequency and Depth parameters for each LFO indi- sound thinner.

Stereo Flanger This models the ensemble effect built into the classic Korg This effect gives a significant swell and movement of pitch to the PolySix programmable polyphonic synthesizer. It is more effective when applied to a sound with a lot of harmonics. You for modulation, creating a unique flanging effect.

It is very effective on electric piano sounds. You can add spread to the sound by This is a stereo phaser. Effects Modulation and Pitch Shift Mod. Phaser Modulation and Pitch Shift Mod. Shift Stereo Envelope Phaser This stereo phaser uses an envelope generator for modulation.

You will obtain the same pattern of phasing each time you play. Stereo Vibrato You can also control the Phaser directly using the modulation source.

Resonance This effect resonates the input signal at a specified pitch. Resonance set the pitch, output level, and pan settings for two resonators This parameter determines the resonance intensity.

Tremolo Stereo Envelope Tremolo This effect modulates the volume level of the input signal. The effect is stereo, and offsetting the LFO of the left and right phases This effect uses the input signal level to modulate a stereo trem- from each other produces a tremolo effect between left and olo LFO volume modulation.

Pitch Shifter Using this effect, you can obtain a detune effect that offsets the This effect changes the pitch of the input signal. You can select pitch of the effect sound slightly from the pitch of the input sig- from three types: Fast quick response , Medium, and Slow pre- nal. Pitch Shift Modulation If Feedback Position is set to Post, the feedback signal will not This effect modulates the detuned pitch shift amount using an pass through the pitch shifter again.

Speed Switch Delay This parameter controls how the rotation speed slow and fast is switched via the modulation source. Via MIDI, the speed will switch each time the modulation amount This multitap delay outputs three Tap signals to the left, right, exceeds Multitap Delay Stereo Multitap Delay This is a stereo delay, and can by used as a cross-feedback delay effect in which the delay sounds cross over between the left and The left and right Multitap Delays have two taps respectively.

Src Stereo Modulation Delay g: R LFO Phase [deg] also varies, creating a delay sound which swells and shimmers. Control Target Stereo Auto Panning Delay This parameter selects no level control, delay output control effect balance , or feedback amount control. This stereo delay effect pans the delay sound left and right using the LFO.

Threshold Stereo In - Stereo Out FB Amt This effect simulates a tape echo unit with three playback heads. FB Amt The distortion and tonal change typical of magnetic tape are also g: You can also synchronize the delay time with the song tempo.

BPM Mtap Delay Tape Echo BPM a: Tap1 Dmod Src b: Tap1 Delay Note This is a tape echo that lets you synchronize the delay time to the b: Times tempo of the song. Tap1 Dmod Note c: Early Reflections This room-type reverb emphasizes the early reflections that This effect is only the early reflection part of a reverberation make the sound brighter.

You can select one of the four decay curves. P4EQ - Exciter and a wah. You can change the order of the connection. Stereo In - Stereo Out This effect combines a mono four-band parametric equalizer This effect combines a mono four-band parametric equalizer and a multitap delay.

Comp - Amp Sim You can change the order of the effects. Comp - P4EQ Comp - Phaser You can This effect combines a mono compressor and a multitap delay. Limiter - P4EQ a: You This effect combines a mono exciter and a compressor. You can can change the order of the effects. Exciter - Limiter Stereo In - Stereo Out Left Exciter - Phaser Delay Exciter - Multitap Delay This effect combines a mono limiter and a phaser.

This effect combines a mono exciter and a multitap delay. Stereo In - Stereo Out Wah - Amp Sim You This effect combines a mono decimator and an amp simulation. Decimator - Comp You This effect combines a mono amp simulation and a tremolo. Reverb - Gate f: Src This effect combines a mono reverb and a gate. Effects Double Size A higher high-gain setting is This combines a guitar amp simulation which even faithfully required for this effect relative to a normal-size effect. For other types, this inet.

The pitch shift amount for the left This stereo pitch shifter enables you to set the delay time to and right channels can be reversed from each other. This is a stereo rotary speaker effect.

You can control the start of recording and reset via a modulation This is a stereo delay, and can by used as a cross-feedback delay source. BPM Long Dly The following is a list of scales or tunings you can select in var- Pad 1 ious operating modes. Pad 2 Same functions of the control panel buttons Pad 3 Equal Major Major 6th 3-note 2-note 4-note Recognized chords Minor Minor 6th 3-note 2-note 4-note Minor 7th Minor-Major 7th 3-note 4-note 3-note 4-note Diminished Diminished 7th Diminished Major 7th 3-note 4-note 4-note Minor 7th 5 4-note Augmented Augmented 7th Augmented Major 7th 3-note 4-note 4-note No 3rd No 3rd, no 5th 2-note 1-note Note that not all Fx 4 ctl controllers are available in all operative modes.

The above Program Change numbers are given according to the numbering system. Style and Player controls Note: The Auto Installer will immediately start. Follow the instructions appearing on screen. Shortcuts Shortcuts Shift functions Long keypress You can keep the SHIFT button pressed, and press another but- You can keep a button pressed for about one second to directly ton on the control panel to directly jump to an edit page or dia- jump to an edit page or dialog box.

Make sure that the USB cable is connected correctly. Make sure that the external device is transmitting through MIDI channels enabled to receive in the Pa Unbalanced Stereo Jack Sounds Factory: More than including Stereo Piano and Also See for Pa Quick manual - 88 pages.

More Connecting to a personal computer Front panel overview. Page of Go. Page 40 Page 41 - Playing different Sounds with your left Tuning Page Page - Effects: Master 1, 2 Page - Track Controls: Drum Edit Page - Track Controls: Keyboard Control Page - Style Controls: Multitrack Sequencer page Page Page - Record mode: Step Record page Page Page - Record mode: Backing Sequence Quick Rec Page Page Page - Record mode: Filter Page - Song Edit: Transpose Page - Song Edit: Basic Page - General Controls: Style Page - mode preferences: Media Page - Controllers: Hand Controllers Page - Tuning: Basic Page - Tuning: Page - Style Element Track Controls: Page - Pad Track Controls: Page - Import: Damper Trigger Page - Basic: Pitch Mod Page Page - Pitch: Filter Type Page - Filter: Filter Mod Page - Filter: LFO2 Page - Effects: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Page 4 Be sure to save important data to the internal memory or between the specifications and the contents of the instruction to an external USB device. Page 8 Double Size Overview, Front Panel Pa Page 14 Demo mode. Page 15 Overview Front Panel Pads For each type of Styles there are several banks, that can be selected by touching the side tabs.

Page 20 To completely disconnect the instrument from the power, unplug the power plug from the power socket on the wall. Performance And Sts, The Logo Decoder Keyboard tracks will be embellished by additional notes to create a complete chord voicing. Page 25 Interface basics Color TouchView graphical user interface Pop-up menus Editable names When an arrow appears next to a parameter name, touch it to When the Text Edit button appears next to a name, touch open a pop-up menu.

Operative Modes, Selected, Highlighted Items, Non-available, Grayed-out Parameters As an alternative, touch a knob with your finger and keep it held; then move your fingers up or The pages of Pa are grouped in various operating modes. Changing The Split Point Playing Sounds Changing the split point Changing the split point If you are not comfortable with the selected split point, you may set the split point to a different key. Page 47 Selecting and saving Performances Saving your settings to a Performance If you like, you may assign a new name to the Performance.

Tempo Selecting and playing Styles Tempo Tempo While a Tempo setting is saved with each Style or Performance, you can change it to be whatever you like. Adjusting The Volume Of The Separate Tracks Selecting and playing Styles Adjusting the volume of the separate tracks Adjusting the volume of the separate tracks You can adjust the volume of each of the Style and Keyboard tracks, for example to soften the bass a little, or to make the keyboard solo louder.

Notes About Searching Wildcards During search, the string entered will be search as a whole word or as part of a word. Selecting Elements, Style Select Window Selecting elements Style Select window Selecting elements Style Select page menu The following windows are shown in the various operating modes, whenever you try to select a Sound, Performance, Style Touch the page menu icon to open the menu.

Page 90 Selecting elements Song Select window Directory Storage device This is the list of the selected device content. Split Panel Keyboard diagram Touch anywhere on the keyboard diagram. Fx Send Use this checkbox to turn the dry direct track signal on or off from the outputs.

The Favorite Banks Factory Styles. Page Song Play Effects: Page Song Play Track Controls: Page Sequencer Sequencer Play - Main page Song area Selected track info area This is where the Song name is shown, together with its tempo This line lets you see the Sound assigned to the selected track.

Multitrack Sequencer Page Sequencer Record mode: Page Sequencer Record mode: Step Record Page Sequencer Record mode: Page Sequencer Effects: Velocity Sequencer Song Edit: Delete Sequencer Song Edit: Rx Convert Sequencer Song Edit: Lock When this parameter is checked, the latest selected Performance Entry. Page Global General Controls: Page Style Element When this lock is closed, the selected Style Ele- Since Pa does not include an internal clock, the date is not ment Variation, Intro… will not change when automatically updated.

Hand Controllers usually back pressed. Transpose Control Global Tuning: Midi In Controls, Midi: Midi Out Channels, Midi: Media Structure Media structure Each device and the internal memory can contain files and folders. Page Media Save Saving the full memory content Warning: Copy You can copy inside the same device, or from a device to a different one both devices must be connected to the Pa during the copy operation.

Page In this case, select the target folder. Utility Media Utility After touching Backup, a dialog box will appear, asking you Utility to assign a name to the backup file. Care Of Mass Storage Devices Also, the number of files and directories folders it contains are shown.

Page SongBook Book Numeric selection of entries Filter… Touch this button to open the Filter dialog box, and select one or When in SongBook mode, you can select a SongBook Entry by more filter criteria, to show a restricted set of entries in the main means of an unique number.

Page Style Play or Song Play mode. Score Page Depending on the content of the track, either notes or chords are sing it. Page NTT processing see above. Style Element Track Controls: Chord Table, Style Track Controls: Page At the end of this page you can find a screenshot of a test file cre- Warning: Voice Assign Mode Legato is on.

Page Sound Edit Basic: Damper Mode Sound Edit Basic: Damper Trigger Sound Edit Basic: Eq drum Kits , Drumkit: Pitch Mod Sound Edit Pitch: Page Sound Edit Pitch: Pitch Eg Sound Edit Pitch: Filter Type Sound Edit Filter: Filter Mod Sound Edit Filter: Filter Lfo Sound Edit Filter: Filter Eg Sound Edit Filter: Page Sound Edit Filter: Amp Mod Sound Edit Amp: Amp Eg Sound Edit Amp: Page Sound Edit Amp: Page Effects Dynamics Dynamic a: Page Effects Dynamics Dynamic 4: Modulation And Pitch Shift mod.

Delay Effects Delay b: Page Effects Delay