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Инструкция motorola mc1000

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The mouse pointer arrow appears on the screen. Use the up and down scroll keys to move the cursor in the vertical direction and use the left and right scroll keys to move the cursor in the horizontal direction. Press F - DEL. The volume control box appears. Volume Control Box Figure Use the scroll up or scroll down keys to adjust the volume.

All navigation of applications is performed using the keypad. See Using the Keypad to Navigate Applications on page for more information. Taskbar The taskbar at the bottom of the screen displays the Start button, active programs, and status icons. Indicates that the battery is fully charged and the mobile computer is running on external AC power. ActiveSync to synchronize or copy information from the host computer to the mobile computer. Entering Information Using the Keypad The alphanumeric keypads produce the character alphabet A-Z , numbers , function keys, and assorted characters.

Obstructing Scan Window Figure Press the scan button. Ensure the red scan beam covers the entire bar code. The Scan LED illuminates red to indicate that the laser is on. Practice quickly shows what tolerances to work within. Decoding properly printed bar codes should be quick and effortless.

Performing a Warm Boot To perform a warm boot, press and hold the Power button until a message appears to warm boot the mobile computer.

As the mobile computer initializes MC desktop appears. Chapter 3 Accessories Introduction The MC accessories provide a variety of product support capabilities. Accessories include cradles and cables.

It also synchronizes the mobile computer with a host computer through either a serial or USB connection. UConnect software must be loaded onto the mobile computer for proper ActiveSync operation.

The Li-ion battery charges in approximately four hours. Use of an alternative power supply will void the product warranty and may cause product damage. See the MC User Guide for the power supply regulatory compliance statement. Connect the cables as described above.

Chapter 4 Maintenance and Troubleshooting Introduction This chapter includes instructions on cleaning and storing the mobile computer, and provides troubleshooting solutions for potential problems during mobile computer operation.

Maintaining the Mobile Computer For trouble-free service, observe the following tips when using the mobile computer: Incorrect cable See the system administrator. Mobile computer Volume setting is Adjust volume setting. This period can turns itself off. Battery is Replace the battery. See the system administrator. Communications software is not Perform setup as described in the MC with installed or configured properly. Sandisk SD cards will operate in conjunction, in combination or in integration with the Symbol MC or any other Symbol product.

An interface by means of which one software component communicates with or controls another. Usually used to refer to services provided by one software component to another, usually via software interrupts or function calls Aperture. The opening in an optical system defined by a lens or baffle that establishes the field of view. Thickness of a bar measured from the edge closest to the symbol start character to the trailing edge of the same bar.

Basic Input Output System. Glossary - 3 Code A high density symbology which allows the controller to encode all ASCII characters without adding extra symbol elements. Code 3 of 9 Code Flash memory is nonvolatile, semi-permanent storage that can be electronically erased in the circuit and reprogrammed. IP implements the network layer layer 3 of the protocol, which contains a network address and is used to route a message to a different network or subnetwork.

A condition which occurs when the data output of a reader or interface controller does not agree with the data encoded within a bar code symbol. In this text, mobile computer refers to the MC mobile computer. It can be set up to run as a stand-alone device. Glossary - 7 Nominal. The exact or ideal intended value for a specified parameter. Tolerances are specified as positive and negative deviations from this value.

Standard size for a bar code symbol. Data in RAM can be accessed in random order, and quickly written and read. Amount of light returned from an illuminated surface. The narrowest element dimension which is distinguished by a particular reading device or printed with a particular device or method. Glossary - 9 Subnet Mask. A bit number used to separate the network and host sections of an IP address.

A custom subnet mask subdivides an IP network into smaller subsections. The mask is a binary pattern that is matched up with the IP address to turn part of the host ID address field into a field for subnets.

A warm boot restarts the mobile computer by closing all running programs. All data that is not saved to flash memory is lost. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their registered owners. Page of 80 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Maintenance and Troubleshooting Introduction Motorola MC Integrator Manual pages. Motorola MC Quick Start 3 pages.

Revision History Revision History Changes to the original manual are listed below: Page 9 Table of Contents Glossary Index Значения, содержащие зарезервированные символы, такие как: Файл должен иметь имя "Номенклатура. Файл должен иметь один лист, который содержит загружаемые данные. Описание позиций номенклатуры задается в виде таблицы, содержащей несколько колонок. Каждая колонка должна иметь ячейку заголовок, содержащую название колонки.

Первая строка файла должна содержать заголовки колонок данных. Файл должен иметь имя "Места хранения. Описание мест хранения задается в виде таблицы, содержащей две колонки. Файл должен иметь имя "Контейнеры. Описание мест хранения задается в виде таблицы, содержащей одну колонку с заголовком "Штрихкоды" или "Штрихкод".

Колонка содержит штрихкоды контейнеров. Содержит одну колонку данных, "Штрихкоды" или "Штрихкод". Документы Стандартные конфигурации, включенные в установочный пакет, содержат 3 типа документов: Описание строк документа задается в виде таблицы, содержащей несколько колонок.

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