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Juniper ex3200 мануал

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Packing List for an EX Switch Summary of Key Alarm Output Fields. We encourage you to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions so that we can improve the documentation. You can provide feedback by using either of the following methods: Online feedback rating system—On any page of the Juniper Networks TechLibrary site , simply click the stars to rate the content, http: About the Documentation For international or direct-dial options in countries without toll-free numbers, see http: Typically, you deploy these switches in branch environments or wiring closets where only one switch is required.

EX switches are available in models with either 24 or 48 ports and with either all ports equipped for Power over Ethernet PoE or only 8 ports equipped for PoE. See Table 4 on page Table 5 on page 7 summarizes the physical specifications of the EX switch chassis. The weight of an EX switch with one power supply installed is between 15—17 lb 6. EX switch with a W power supply. All EX switches have the same rear panel. After the boot process is complete, the LCD panel automatically reverts to the Idle menu.

This option is available only for an EX switch that is a member of a Virtual Chassis configuration. It is not available for an EX switch. Press the button to go to the next option in the Status menu. Press the button to go to the next option in the Maintenance menu. On an EX switch, if you install a transceiver in an SFP uplink module, a corresponding network port from the last four built-in ports is disabled.

If the uplink module is operating in the gigabit mode, the LED is lit. If the uplink module is operating in the 1-gigabit mode, the LED is unlit. You can view the colors of the three LEDs remotely through the CLI by issuing the operational mode command show chassis lcd.

The four figures in this topic show the On steadily—The port and the link are active, but there is no link activity. Off—The port is not active. Table 11 on page 24 describes the Status LED. The speed indicators for network ports on the front panel are: The power supply in EX switches is not redundant.

The PoE power budget for a PoE switch model is determined by the capacity of its power supply. For EX switches, the capacity of the power supply provided with a PoE model is sufficient to supply each PoE-capable port with up to Switches upgraded to Junos OS Release This topic applies only to the J-Web Application package.

Use the dashboard to view system information. The Update Available window appears if there is a latest update of the J-Web Application package available on the Juniper Networks server. To view details of a member, select it. FPC is a legacy term for a slot in a large Juniper Networks chassis, which simply refers to the standalone switch. Indicates the memory used in the Routing Engine.

In a Virtual Chassis configuration, the memory utilization value of the master Routing Engine is displayed. Flash Indicates the usage and capacity of internal flash memory and any external USB flash drive. Indicates the maximum number of VLANs supported. Alarms Panel The Alarms panel displays information about the last five alarms raised in the system. For example, if there are 5 major alarms, then details of all 5 major alarms are displayed.

Table 22 on page 44—Describes the chassis viewer for EX switches. Table 25 on page 48—Describes the chassis viewer for EX switches. Indicates the mini-USB port for the switch. This is used to connect the switch to a management console such as a laptop or a PC. You might do this for initial switch configuration. Fan tray Mouse over the fan tray icon to display name, status, and description information.

Gray—VCP is down and nonoperational. Management port The management port is used to connect the switch to a management device for out-of-band management. Fan tray Mouse over the fan tray icons to display name, status, and description information.

Use this port for initial switch configuration. Rear View of the EX Switch Fan tray Mouse over the fan tray icon to display status of the fans and airflow direction information. Rear View of the EX Switch Fan tray Mouse over the fan tray icon to display the status of the fans and airflow direction information. You can view status for the following ports on the SRE module: Management port—The management port is used to connect the switch to a management Auxiliary port—This port is unavailable.

You can view status for the following ports on the RE module: Indicates the USB port for the switch. Mouse over the Virtual Chassis ports to display the port status details. Some of the problems caused by strong sources of electromagnetic interference EMI are: If earthquakes are a possibility in your geographical area, secure the rack to the floor.

Secure the rack to the ceiling brackets as well as wall or floor brackets for maximum stability. When choosing a location, allow at least 6 in. Insert the screws into wall studs wherever possible to provide added support for the chassis. Use the wall-mount kit from Juniper Networks to mount the switch on a wall.

The wall-mount kit is not part of the standard package and must be ordered separately. Table 36 on page 69 provides the AC power supply electrical specifications for EX switches. Table 38 on page Figure This means the link will work. For information about the actual amount of signal loss caused by equipment and other factors, see your vendor documentation for that equipment.

Juniper Networks optic or cable that is qualified for the device. You can view the diagnostic details for these transceivers Transceiver and Cable Specifications Table JTAC can help you diagnose the source of the problem. Your JTAC engineer might recommend that you check the third-party optic or cable and potentially replace it with an equivalent Juniper Networks optic or cable that is qualified for the device. Removing a Transceiver on page Management Cable Specifications Table 46 on page lists the specifications for the cables that connect the console and management ports to management devices.

Pinout Specifications Table Table 54 on page provides the uplink modules connector pinout information. You can use these ports to connect an access switch to a distribution switch. EX switches are shipped in a cardboard carton, secured with foam packing material.

The carton also contains an accessory box. The carton contains an accessory box. Registration is mandatory for activating your hardware service-level agreements SLAs. Register your products at: If you have a Juniper J-Care service contract, register any addition, change, or upgrade of hardware components at. Failure to do so https: The rubber feet stabilize the chassis. Align the bottom hole in both the mounting brackets with a hole in each rack rail, making sure the chassis is level.

See Figure 26 on page Before mounting the switch on four posts in a rack: Align the bottom hole in both the front-mounting brackets with a hole in each rack rail, making sure the chassis is level. See Figure 29 on page Mounting an EX Switch in a Recessed Position in a Rack or Cabinet You can mount an EX switch in a rack or cabinet such that the switch is recessed inside the rack from the rack front by 2 inches.

You can use the 2-in. When mounted in a vertical position, an EX switch must be oriented with the front panel of the chassis pointing down in order to ensure proper airflow and meet safety requirements in the event of a fire.

Some early variants of EX switches for which the Juniper Networks model number on the label next to the protective earthing terminal is from xxx through xxx require x. Инструкция обслуживания, определяемая также как пособие пользователя, или просто "руководство" - это технический документ, цель которого заключается в использовании Juniper Networks EX пользователями. Инструкции пишет, как правило технический писатель, языком, доступным для всех пользователей Juniper Networks EX Полная инструкция обслуживания Juniper Networks, должна заключать несколько основных элементов.

Часть из них менее важная, как например: Однако остальная часть, должна дать нам важную с точки зрения пользователя информацию. Вступление и рекомендации, как пользоваться инструкцией Juniper Networks EX - В начале каждой инструкции, необходимо найти указания, как пользоваться данным пособием. Здесь должна находится информация, касающаяся местонахождения содержания Juniper Networks EX, FAQ и самых распространенных проблем - то есть мест, которые чаще всего ищут пользователи в каждой инструкции обслуживания 2.

Содержание - индекс всех советов, касающихся Juniper Networks EX, которое найдем в данном документе 3. Chapter 3 Configuration Statements Ethernet aggregated Devices Hold-time physical Interface Interface multichassis Protection Lacp aggregated Ethernet Link-speed aggregated Ethernet Member interface Ranges Primary address On Interface Traceoptions individual Interfaces Traceoptions interface Process Transmit-interval liveness Detection Vlan-id vlan Tagging And Layer 3 Subinterfaces Part 3 Administration Chapter 4 Routine Monitoring Lacp Protocol Packets Verifying Unicast Rpf Status Verifying Ip Directed Broadcast Status Chapter 5 Operational Commands Monitor Interface Output Fields Request Diagnostics Tdr Request Diagnostics Tdr Output Fields Show Diagnostics Tdr Show Diagnostics Tdr Output Fields Show Forwarding-options Enhanced-hash-key Show Forwarding-options Enhanced-hash-key Output Fields Show Interfaces Diagnostics Optics Show Interfaces Ge Show Interfaces Ge- Output Fields Show Interfaces Irb Show Interfaces Irb Output Fields Show Interfaces Me0 Show Interfaces Me0 Output Fields Show Interfaces Queue Show Interfaces Xe Show Interfaces Xe- Output Fields Show Lacp Interfaces Show Lacp Interfaces Output Fields Test Interface Restart-auto-negotiation Part 4 Troubleshooting Chapter 6 Troubleshooting Procedures Troubleshooting Unicast Rpf Chapter 1 System Overview Chapter 2 Chassis Components And Descriptions Field-replaceable Units In Ex Switches Lcd Panel In Ex Switches Lcd Panel Menus Uplink Modules In Ex Switches Sfp Uplink Module Xfp Uplink Module Chapter 3 Cooling System And Airflow Chapter 4 Power Supplies Dc Power Supplies