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Среда, Май 23, 2018

Laurann dohner mating brand книга читать

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Ariel sensed his eyes on her. They have more hair. They are also much bigger. Their skin texture looks the same though. Take her to the mines now. Fear struck Ariel deeply. She jerked her head up and locked her eyes on the woman. Please tell me something. The man hissed angrily at Ariel.

The woman—Vhal—gripped his arm and shook her head. Compassion filled her face as she released the man. Vhal walked forward, blinked at Ariel a few times, and ran a lizard-like tongue across her thin blue lips.

She stared down at Ariel. Our female bodies only support one or two egg cycles in our lifetimes. We lay our eggs and hatch our young.

We only have three to six children per egg cycle. We tested you and you are not breeding compatible with our species. We send ships out to habitable planets. We are very careful with our fuel. Our mission is important and we must complete it before we are allowed to return to our home planet.

If we do not find breeding compatible females we will eventually die of old age still searching for them. It is imperative that we save our race. There are other stations like this one out there searching for females. If we do find breeders we will need all of our fuel to take them to our planet. They mine this asteroid. It gives us fuel and then more living spaces. You will be awarded to one of them for his hard work.

After nine years of desolation and heartbreak Charma is back. Brand has her in his arms once more and he will never lose her again. Book Info Original Title: Mating Brand Mating Heat 3 Author: We also recommend Alex, Approximately. Princess of Fire Fire 1. His Dirty Little Secret. It was amazing and I[ Taunting Krell Cyborg Seduction 8: Mate Set Mating Heat 2: His Purrfect Mate Mating Heat 3: Fury New Species 2: Slade New Species 3: Valiant New Species 4: Justice New Species 5: Brawn New Species 6: Wrath New Species 7: Tiger New Species 8: Obsidian New Species 9: Shadow New Species Moon New Species True New Species Darkness Riding the Raines 1: Raine Riding the Raines 2: Kidnapping Casey Zorn Warriors 3: