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Nortel networks m3903 инструкция на русском

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Table Of Contents M Series Meridian Digital Telephone Terms You Should Know Use The Predial Feature Ring Again m Ring Again m And M Make A System Speed Call Make An Intercom Call Make Intercom Call While On An Active Call Use Timed Reminder Recall Use Attendant Recall Use Call Park m Use Call Park m And M Calling Party Number m Display Incoming Calls Trace A Malicious Call Activate Automatic Answerback Forward Internal Calls Only Use Remote Call Forward Join A Call m Join A Call m And M Selectable Conferee Display And Disconnect Use Group Call Work Without Interruption Activate Make Set Busy Auto Dial Transfer Feature Use The Buzz Signal Enhanced Override Feature Meridian Sl Class Features Anonymous Caller Rejection Customer Originated Trace Selective Call Forward Set On-hook Default Path Add An Outgoing Call M Feature Operation M Fixed Keys Use Speed Call Use Call Transfer Set Up A Conference Call Activate Ring Again Receive A Call Feature Activation Indicator Accessory Connection Module acm Analog Terminal Adapter ata Computer Telephony Integration Adapter ctia Display-based Expansion Module External Alerter And Recorder Interface Full Duplex Hands Free Module Key-based Expansion Module Personal Directory Pc Utility Meridian 1 Flexible Feature Codes ffcs Meridian Sl Feature Access Codes facs Use The Redial List Activate Call Pickup Privacy Release Feature Change A Feature Key Label Directory Display And Navigation M Directory Display And Navigation Directory Password Protection m Use The Redial List m Use The Personal Directory Transfer A Call Use Call Park Record A Calling Party Number Call Forward - Internal Forced Camp-on Feature On Hold On Loudspeaker Radio Page Feature Voice Call Feature Telephone Display m, M, And M M Display Area Options Feature List Use Preferred Name Match m Use Live Dial Pad m Area Code Setup Set Call Timer Format Time And Date Set Key Click Use Headset Port On Call m Call Indicator Light On-hook Default Path Set Meridian Communications Adapter Controls M Directory Display And Controls Call Log m And M Redial List m And M Personal Directory m Delete Or Edit An Entry To Use Auto Dial m Use Call Transfer m Use Conference Call Feature m Activate Ring Again m Make A Call m Receive A Call m Feature Activation Indicator m Message And Call Status Indicator m Meridian Communications Adapter mca Control Group Listening Use Conference Call Feature Table of contents Revision History M Series Meridian Digital Telephones Macd Headset Interface External Alerter Interface Key Expansion Module Environmental And Safety Considerations Local Alerting Tones Dimensions And Weight Mct cordless Telephone Repeat step 6 u ntil you have c hanged the enti re labe l.

These keys are located on both sides of the top por tion of the display are a on the M and M Use the Case Key to change the case of the letter, as nee ded. You can use the Delet e Key to delete one character, or the Clear Key M if you want to delete the entire label. On the M3 you m ay use the Sp ace Key to enter a space or the Restore Key to restore the label to the default value.

After you select Screen contrast from the Options L ist menu; or Fr om the Contrast screen, press the Lower Key to decr ease the display contrast level, or press the Higher Key to increase the display contrast level.

Af ter you select Ring t ype. U se the Navigation Keys to scroll through the list of ring types. When the H eadset port on call option is activated an d the user is on a call, the lamp ligh ts providing an indication tha t a call is in pr ogress. The network administrat or must enable this feature. Use the Navigation Keys to scroll through the list. Y our password also protects your Personal Director y M o nly. Press the Enter Key. Press th e Done Key to save changes.

Press the Select Key again to select P assword enabled: Press the Off Key to disable pa ssword protection. Press the Done Key to save changes. Y ou can activate Call Log to record all calls, record o nly the unanswered calls, or record no incomi ng calls.

T o make a cal l fro m the C allers Li st: U se the Navigation Keys to highligh t the numb er you wan t to call. If you are c alling an e xternal or long d istance n umber, yo u will need to edit the number to add the access codes required by your system to make an external or long di stance call. Press the New Key to go to the top of the new calls l ist, or press the Old Key to go to the top of the old calls list.

Press the Callers Key. On the M , you can copy these numbers to your Personal Dire ctor y. The Person al Director y allows you to add, dele te, search, a nd edit entrie s and can be password pr otected.

T o ente r the na me and te lephone number f or Chris: Dial the name using the key pad. Press the Up Navigation Key to access special characters you may want to incl ude i n th e name.

Press the Copy Key. The displays shows the message Copy to. Press the Director y Key. Press Next to copy the incoming call without editing the name. Y ou can ed it the na me or numbe r before or after you save to the director y. After the person you called answers, press the Copy Key. U se the Navigation Keys to highligh t the entr y you want to edit or delete. Press the Delete Key to delete the currently highlighted entr y in your Personal Dire ctor y.

Press the Delete List Key. The display shows De lete all entries? Press the Ye s Key if you want t o delete all the en tries in your Personal Director y , or press the No Key if you want to return to the top of the Personal Dire ctor y with n o changes made. T o look at the C ard View: U se the Navigation Keys to highligh t the desired n ame. T o se arch for an entr y: U se the Navigation Keys to highligh t Personal Directory.

Edit the number , if required see notes for ste p 5 , and g o to s tep 6. From the Edi t Mo de screen, use the dial pad to enter a text message. Press the Delete Key to delete a cha racter. Press the Case Key to toggle between upper an d lower ca se characte rs. Press the Cancel Key to exit the screen without saving changes. From the Edi t Mo de screen, use the dial pad to customize the message.

Press the Delete Key to delete a character. P ress the Case Key to togg le between u pper an d lower case character s. Press the Cancel Key to exit th e scre en wit hout sa ving c hanges. If messages have been provided by your ne twork admin istrator, up and down arrows ap pear on the ri ght side of the display. The On and Off Keys appear for the most recently selected message. You do not need to enter the entire name. When the Done Key is pressed, the a pplication will highl ight the first directory entry that matche s the text that you entered.

Press the Done Key. The application highlights the first entr y that matches the text you entered in st ep 4. With the entr y selected in the Corporate Direc tor y , pr ess the Copy Key. When you log into the telephone your individ ual configur ation is download ed to the te lephone for li ne DN and fea ture acc ess. If your V irtual Offi ce teleph one is configur ed as an M , you m ay only logi n to an M If your Vi rtual Office telephone is configured as an M , you may on ly logi n to an M If two or more users are attempting to log on at the same moment, the system processes the log on information for th e fir st user.

Th e M op erates i n a dif fere nt way t han the other M series Digital T eleph ones. This section explains in some d etail the M opera tion. The M supports fi ve programm able features. Press the Line DN Key. The Line DN Ke y is automatically selected. Dial the telephon e number. Press the Feature s Key. Dial the Spee d Call code of th e number you want to call. The Ring Again fe ature lets you know when th e person you dialed is availab le or has used th eir tele phon e.

Press the Line DN Ke y. Dial the numb er. Lift the handset and spea k when the party answers. T o use ha ndset a nd dial numb er: Lift the handset , the telephone automatically selects the Line D N.

Please conta ct your System Administrator for additional de tails. W all a ttachment is av ailable for all fou r models. Meridian SL-1 softw are shall not be sold outright and the use thereof by the customer shal l be subject to the parties entering into softwar e agreements as specified by Nortel Networks. Важным пунктом после покупки устройства Nortel Networks M или даже перед его покупкой является прочтение его инструкции обслуживания. Это необходимо сделать о нескольким простым причинам: Если вы еще не купил Nortel Networks M то сейчас хороший момент, чтобы ознакомиться с основными данными, касающимися изделия.

Сначала просмотрите первые страницы инструкции, которую вы найдете выше. Вы должны там найти самые важные технические данные Nortel Networks M - таким образом вы проверите, выполняет ли оборудование Ваши требования. Углубившись в следующие страницы инструкции пользователя Nortel Networks M вы ознакомитесь со всеми доступными функциями изделия и информацией, касающейся его эксплуатации. Информация, которую вы получите о Nortel Networks M несомненно поможет Вам принять решение, касающееся покупки.

В ситуации, если вы уже являетесь владельцем Nortel Networks M , но вы еще не прочитали инструкцию, вам необходимо стелать это в связи с вышеуказанным. Тогда вы узнаете, правильно ли вы использовали доступные функции, а также не допускали ли ошибок, которые могут сократить период эксплуатации Nortel Networks M Однако одна из самых важных ролей, которую выполняет инструкция обслуживания для пользователя, является помощь в решении проблем с Nortel Networks M Почти всегда вы найдете там Troubleshooting , самые частые поломки и неполадки устройства Nortel Networks M вместе с рекомендациями, касающимися методов их решения.

Даже если вам не удастся самостоятельно решить проблему, инструкция подскажет дальнейшие шаги - контакт с центром обслуживания клиента или ближайший сервисный центр.

Страница 2 38 While you are aw ay from your desk: Страница 4 ii Draft 0. Страница 5 iii Contents Enhanced Overrid e Feature Страница 6 iv Draft 0. Страница 8 vi Draft 0. Страница 16 8 Terms you should know T erms you should know Attendant — The attendant is a telephone operator in your organization.

Страница 18 10 Your telephone call featur es Y our telephone call features Y our network admi nistrator assigns featu res to your program mable featur e keys. Страница 19 11 Your telephone call featu res T o swi tch from hand set t o hand sfree: Страница 21 13 Your telephone call featu res T o deact ivate the Group lis tening option: Страница 22 14 Your telephone call featur es Use the Predial feat ure The Predial feature a llows yo u to enter an d previ ew a numb er con tain g up to 31 digits and m ake correction s before you dia l the numb er.

Страница 23 15 Make a c all Make a call This secti on describ es featur es that you ca n use when y ou make a call. Страница 24 16 Make a c all Make a call while on-hook T o mak e a call while on- hook, leav e the handse t in the cr adle whil e you di al a numbe r. Страница 25 17 Make a c all 2. Страница 26 18 Make a c all T o ca ncel Rin g Aga in befo re notif icati on: Страница 27 19 Make a c all Redial last number ca lled Last Number Redial allows you to automatically red ial the last number you dialed.

Страница 28 20 Make a c all Use Speed Call M The Speed Call feat ure al lows you t o automa ticall y dial frequen tly call ed num bers by entering a one, two, or three digit access code. Страница 29 21 Make a c all Use Speed Call M and M The Speed Call feat ure al lows you t o automa ticall y dial frequen tly call ed num bers by entering a one, two, or three digit access code. Страница 30 22 Make a c all 3. Страница 32 24 Answer a call Answer a call When you re ceive an in coming ca ll, your tele phone rings an d the LCD indic ator flashes.

Страница 33 25 While on an active call While on an active call This section de scribes feature s that you can use while on a n active call. Страница 35 27 While on an active call T o go back to the original c all if the transfer is in complete: Страница 36 28 While on an active call If th e tran sfer red call is not answer ed, y our tel ephone r ings: Страница 38 30 While on an active call T o retr ieve a pa rked cal l: Страница 40 32 While on an active call T o retr ieve a pa rked call on the Merid ian 1: Страница 43 35 While on an active call T race a Malicious call Malicious Call T race provi des a wa y for you to t rac e nuisa nce cal ls.

Страница 44 36 Incoming calls Incoming calls This section d escribes featu res that you ca n use with in coming call s. Страница 46 38 Incoming calls Use Call W aiting Call W aiting puts your current call on hold, while you answer an in coming call.

Страница 47 39 While you are away from your desk While you are away from your desk This section describes fea tures that y ou may wish to use when you are away from your desk. Страница 49 41 While you are away from your desk For ward internal calls only Internal Call For ward al lows only calls origin ating at inter nal DNs to ring at another DN. Страница 50 42 While you are away from your desk Use Remote Call For ward The Remote Call F or ward feature allows you from any tel ephone other than your own to for ward you r calls to any telephone.

Страница 52 44 Secure your telephone Secure your telephone Y ou can lock your telephone with a password to prevent unauthorized u se of your telephone. Страница 53 45 Talk with more than one per son T alk with more than one person This chapter describes fe atures which allow you to talk w ith more than one person at the same time.

Страница 54 46 Talk with more than one person Set up a Conference ca ll M and M Yo u c a n s e t u p a Conference c all for up to six peop le inc luding y oursel f. Страница 55 47 Talk with more than one per son Join a call M39 02 The Call Join feature allow s you to connec t an incomin g call to a call already in progress ther eby crea ting a confe rence ca ll.

Страница 56 48 Talk with more than one person Selectable Conferee Display an d Disconnect Y ou ca n v iew t he li st o f activ e co nfer ees b y usi ng the C on fer ee Sel ec tabl e Dis pla y Key and disc onnect an y par ty that ha s been ad ded to the confe rence call. Страница 57 49 Talk with more than one per son Use Group Call Group Call automaticall y calls memb ers of a prede fined grou p, one at a time , until they have all answered.

Страница 58 50 Talk with more than one person T o answer a Group Call: Страница 59 51 Work without interru ption W ork withou t interruption This chapter d escribes feature s that provide you with u ninterrupted wo rk time. Страница 63 55 Additional Call Features T o ch arge a ca ll to an ac coun t when you tr ansfe r a call: Страница 65 57 Additional Call Features 3.

Страница 66 58 Additional Call Features 3. Страница 67 59 Additional Call Features Forced Camp-on For ced C amp- on allows your telephone to automatical ly ring another telephone as soon as that tele phone discon nects from its curr ent call.

Страница 68 60 Additional Call Features Station Camp-on Station Camp-on allows y ou to transfe r an exter nal call to a bu sy extension. Страница 72 64 Additional Call Features 2. Страница 74 66 Additional Call Features 5. Страница 75 67 Hospitality features Hospitality feat ures These hosp itality feat ures are i ntended for hotel opera tions use.

Страница 77 69 Hospitality features Message Registration Message Registration allows yo u to read, change, or reset meters that log y our hotel telephone calls. Страница 78 70 Hospitality features Maid I dentification Maid Identif ication makes it easi er to keep tra ck of which ma ids clean which rooms. Страница 79 71 Hospitality features Room Stat us Room Statu s lets you re ad the status of a room u sing the di splay.

Страница 85 77 Telephone display T elephone display This section sum marizes the disp lay featur es of the M , M3 , and the M Страница 86 78 Telephone display M disp lay The up per portion of the dis play on the M g ives call status infor mation, th e lower displa y area is a three line feature infor mation di splay.

Страница 88 80 Options List Select a language The displa y is availa ble in multipl e language s.